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You Can Now Be Fined $5K For Refusing To Quarantine In A Hotel When Returning From Travel


Via: Jiaqian AirplaneFan / Wikicommons

Have an extra $5000 to spare? If not, you better cancel your travel plans.

The federal government has decided to raise the fine for travellers if they refuse to quarantine in a hotel. In fact, instead of paying $2,000, the fine has increased to $5,000.

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However, even with the substantial increase, some travellers are deciding to take the fines instead of staying at the quarantine hotels for three nights.

Travellers have also complained about the government-approved quarantine hotels because in some cases, the cost can range well above $2,000.

The federal government implemented the quarantine hotel mandate in an attempt to contain the spread of COVID-19 as a result of people returning from overseas.

However, some critics and top doctors have said the quarantine hotels have done little to help.

The government’s COVID-19 Testing and Screening Expert Advisory Panel stated the three-day quarantine stays are flawed. One of the major loopholes the advisory panel saw in the system was travellers willing to take the hefty fines.

However, the panel is unsure if the travellers will be quarantining safely in their homes. Additionally, the panel also pointed out that quarantine hotels are expensive for both the government and travellers.

Another major flaw seen is that some Canadians are literally walking across the border to avoid quarantine hotels or fines.

The Conservative party was not happy with Ottawa’s decision to raise the fines either. Calgary MP Michelle Rempel Garner, the Conservatives’ health critic, stated that Liberals should listen to science and scrap the “disastrous program.”

Currently, the quarantine hotel restrictions are set to expire on June 21 and the federal government has yet to come up with a plan for those travelling into airports.

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