‘When Are My Parents Coming?’: 1,300 Children Who Got Evacuated From Afghanistan By The US Are Still Waiting To Be Reunited With Their Guardians

As a kid, losing your parents for even a second in the mall or the supermarket could feel like the end of the world.

But for thousands of young kids who were evacuated from Afghanistan, following the Taliban takeover, it has felt like an eternity. As of today, around 1,300 Afghan children are still separated from their parents and desperately waiting to be reunited once more, according to Reuters.

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In August, Afghanistan was named the deadliest country in the world to be a civilian as the country fell to the Taliban, seemingly overnight.

With the extremist group making substantial gains across the nation, other countries intervened to help evacuate some individuals. Over 70,000 Afghans were evacuated to the United States, according to CP24.

In the chaos of it all, thousands of minors were separated from their parents in the city of Kabul.

Now that they are safe in America, there are still language barriers faced along with difficulty finding temporary foster homes for those who don’t have a sponsor in the country.

The big problem? There is still no definite way of getting these children, now in North America, back in the hands of their loved ones still overseas.

As of right now, the Biden administration is apparently looking into ways to get the parents of these children expedited.

Sadly, these guardians might have to undergo long wait times as others are applying to get into the U.S also in order to seek asylum.

The difficult journey for these children is just the begining. Despite being given temporary status in the US, and zero threat of being deported while there, they are still not given permanent legal status.

According to the report, these children might have to find legal help in order to properly navigate the immigration system.


Osobe is the Editor-in-chief at 6ixbuzz News leading both local and international coverage. She has written for VICE, The Canadian Press, Toronto Star, HuffPost and Aljazeera.
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