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What The F*ck News: Police Allegedly Tasered A Man They Knew Was Covered In Hand Sanitizer And He Died After Bursting Into Flames

Police apparently set a 29-year-old on fire by tasering him after they saw the man dump hand sanitizer on himself. Jason Jones was critically injured and died in the hospital over a month later.

Jones left a bar on Oct. 21, 2021, walking to the police station in Catskill, New York. He was allegedly involved in a disturbance at the bar earlier that night and paid police a visit to talk it out. Footage released by the attorney general’s office shows Jones surrounded by three officers in the station lobby.

As Jones caught fire, officers promptly fled from the man rolling on the ground for almost 30 seconds to extinguish his head and torso. The police apparently then tried handcuffing Jones, but were increasingly cautious of the man covered in bright pink burns. A civilian gave the scorched man a hug and he calms down. Jones was still able to talk and stay fully conscious while escorted out on a gurney.

After admission to the ICU and treatment for severe lung damage, he passed away on Dec. 15.

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Jones’ family attorney told journalists that the 29-year-old had been under “some sort of mental distress”, but didn’t specify.

“I think they were afraid he was going to hurt himself, and that’s what started it,” the attorney said.

It’s not known whether the officers were reprimanded for their actions, but the Albany Times Union reported the cops didn’t know hand sanitizer is flammable.

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