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What The F*ck News: A Man From California Is Suing A Psychic Because She Didn’t Remove A Curse Put On Him By His Ex-Girlfriend

Breakups can be pretty messy, but for one man in the states, it was a downright disaster.

California native Mark Restrepo sought out the services of a psychic to help remove a curse that an ex-girlfriend put on him, hoping to save his marriage.

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Mark Restrepo went to Sophia Adams, the owner of Psychic Love Specialist by Sophia, to help him with this issue. Sophia promised that she would be able to remove the curse from Mark. Apparently, Mark’s ex had hired a witch to put a curse on him to make his family “unhappy and in danger,” court documents say.

However, it seems that whatever spell was cast on him is still there, so he says.

Mark is so unhappy with Sophia’s job that he is suing her, her business and her family for negligence, civil conspiracy, and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

Restrepo said in court documents that Sophia “did not in any way help his marriage,” and now he’s seeking $25,000 in damages.

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