Trudeau Minister to Table Internet Censorship Bill to Ensure Canadian’s ‘Safety”

Canada is about to see its first internet control bill be introduced to Parliament next week said Trudeau’s Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault.

Guilbeault said that this legislation is being considered in an effort to create a “safer environment for all people online and not just a handful.”

In his announcement, Guilbeault also shared that the bill will aid in the maintaining the “social fabric of our society.”

The cabinet minister then went on to cite surveys by Canadian Race Relations Foundation, which reveal that 93 per cent of Canadians “believe that online hate speech and racism are a problem” and 80 per cent “want social media companies to be required to remove racist or hateful content within 24 hours.”

He says that the approach will require online platforms to eliminate illegal content such as hate speech, terrorist and violent extremism, child pornography, as well as the non-consensual sharing of intimate images online.

“Hate speech has no place in our society. It’s time to step up against online hate. The numbers are disturbing, but they come as no surprise,” Guilbeault said.

The bill is set to be introduced to Parliament over the next several weeks.

Corne van Hoepen

Corné works is the Managing News Editor for the 6ixBuzz website. He enjoys travelling, creating content, and sharing stories from under-represented voices.
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