Toronto’s BIG On Bloor Festival Is On All Weekend Long With Tons Of Epic Public Art Installations

Via: Bloordale’s BIG on Bloor Festival

Aristotle once said, “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” A quote that resonates with this year’s theme of Bloordale’s BIG on Bloor Festival: Patchwork.

Patchwork is a project that explores the beauty of community and how a community is formed while “provoking thoughts on the various ways a community is formed through the differences that make its members so unique.”

Via: Bloordale’s BIG on Bloor Festival

Bloordale’s BIG on Bloor festival, widely known for displaying public art installations all day, will be featuring new work to go with the theme from creators such as Cookie Brunel, Andre Castro, Maya Ben David, Victoria Day and many others, until August 2.

Via: Bloordale’s Big on Bloor Festival

The festival opened for the 14th year last Saturday, and is encouraging people to come and celebrate this year’s theme of public art over the long weekend.

Via: Bloordale’s BIG on Bloor Festival

“Public spaces meet more than one community need,” said BIG on Bloor’s festival director Darren Leu.

“We are excited to present an alternative community event that respects social distancing while celebrating community-building, local businesses and the diverse arts and culture.” 

Via: Bloordale’s BIG on Bloor Festival

People will be able to see several art forms such window displays and murals, site specific installations and artistic projects scattered throughout Bloor Street West from Dufferin to Lansdowne.

Via: Bloordale’s BIG on Bloor Festival

To find out more about this creative festival you can visit them online.

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