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EXCLUSIVE: This Toronto Woman Lost A Family Heirloom At High Park And Is Willing To Pay A Reward To Get It Back

EXCLUSIVE: This Toronto Woman Lost A Family Heirloom At High Park And Is Willing To Pay A Reward To Get It Back

Via: TikTok | Nooshinsairafi

While enjoying a beautiful summer day in Toronto on the 29th of May, Toronto resident Nooshin was not expecting to end her day helplessly searching the park for a precious family heirloom.

Somehow, during her park excursion, Nooshin’s family pendant fell off her neck and has not been found since.

She has now turned to the city to help her find it.

The necklace is a simple gold chain with a key-shaped charm. This meaningful heirloom has been passed down from her family for at least three generations, possibly more.

What the heirloom means to her

Nooshin’s story is like most stories of Canadians, her family migrated to Canada from Iran when she was two and since then, travelling back home has been sparse. However, the necklace became a sort of connection to her family.

“My father’s mother passed away almost 15 years ago, which is roughly around the time the necklace was passed down to me, and it’s been around my neck for as long as I can remember,” Nooshin told 6ixBuzz in an interview.

As per its importance, Nooshin expressed how “it’s the only thing that my father’s mother ever gave me…it’s the only item we have to remember her by.”

Measures taken so far to locate it

Since losing the necklace, Nooshin has gone above and beyond to trace back to it.

In fact, she has revisited all the stores she had been to that day, went through High Park twice, retraced her steps and scoured the grounds.

Additionally, she has posted on Craigslist, Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace and all of her socials, with TikTok garnering the most attention. She has even gone as far as to reach out to the closest police stations to high park and left her number with the park supervisor. So far, her efforts have been to no avail.

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Despite the stressful ordeal, Nooshin has been overwhelmed with the outreach and support Torontonians have shown her.

“I think if I had any doubts on being proud of my city and living in Toronto and bad people… that’s non-existent,” she said.

Her Tiktok has garnered over 100,000 views and an ample amount of supportive messages and generosity. Local jewellers have even offered to recreate her necklace, and people with metal detectors are offering to search the park.

Nooshin is even willing to reward whoever might have the necklace in their possession with $1,000 to return it.

“I absolutely would be willing to give a reward to somebody, because I do understand if someone is in a situation where keeping it and selling it would help them out… I just want to give that money first,” Nooshin said.

So listen up Toronto! Keep your eyes peeled for something shiny at High Park, because it just might be Nooshin’s necklace and you could help her out.

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