Toronto Was Just Ranked One Of The Best Cities In The World And Beat Out Other Canadian Cities Like Vancouver And Montreal By A Long Shot

Alright guys, it’s official! Toronto is one of the BEST cities in the world, and we have proof to back it up.

According to World’s Best Cities, a list that ranks the top 100 urban cities across the globe, Toronto is capable of doing “big things,” and took up slot #18.

It’s the highest ranking Canadian city on the list, whose growth is attributed to its “strong immigration” and high “global investments.”

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Earlier this year, the 6ix was also named the fastest-growing metropolitan area in all of North America, which definitely adds icing to the cake.

At the top of the list, London (#1), Paris (#2) and New York (#3) claimed the first three spots of the World’s Best Cities.

Other Canadian cities such as Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, and Edmonton also made it on the World’s Best Cities list, but ranked #46, #48, #49, #84 and #86 respectively.

It’s safe to say that Toronto’s growth is pretty much unparalleled, powered by its strong diversity, education system and long-term opportunities.

It’s an amazing place to live and the rest of the world clearly agrees!

Manisha Singh

Manisha is a freelance writer and journalist who is passionate about connecting audiences through reporting diverse stories.
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