Toronto Police Say Their Officers Have Until The End Of Next Month To Be Fully Vaccinated Or They’ll Put Them On Unpaid Leave

The Toronto Police Service has revealed that their employees have until Nov. 30th to become fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or they will be put on unpaid leave.

In September 2021, the Toronto Police Association had told its members that they would not face any punishment or retribution for not disclosing their vaccination status.

On Thursday, Oct. 21, the Toronto Police Department released the following statement saying “these members will be placed on an indefinite unpaid absence and will not be permitted to enter TPS buildings or facilities. If and when the members are fully vaccinated and discloses their full vaccination status, they will be able to return to work.”

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In addition to that, TPS workers who are not fully vaccinated by the deadline will not be eligible for any promotion ranging from supervisory to management ranks or positions.

Accommodation will be provided for employees with medical exemptions or other exceptions (in accordance with the Human Rights Code).

What’s more, 90% of TPS employees have disclosed their vaccination status to date. Of those who have disclosed, 97% have had at least one dose of a recognized COVID-19 vaccine, and 94% have had two doses and are considered fully vaccinated.

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