Toronto Is ‘The Hardest City To Navigate In The World’ According To This Study That Says Everyone Downtown Is Lost All The Time

Some cities are harder to traverse than others, but Toronto is evidently the most notorious on the planet. The 6ix’s navigational challenges were summarized by NextVacay, an online travel search site, which was on a mission to discover the city layouts that frustrate visitors and residents alike. Google Maps played a big part in the study and it makes sense because the directions app is many people’s first instinct when they can’t figure out where they should be going.

Long story short, here’s the full list of cities you’ll most likely be lost in:

  1. Toronto
  2. London
  3. Mexico City
  4. New York
  5. Paris
  6. São Paulo
  7. Madrid
  8. Hong Kong

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Why you’ll get lost in Toronto:

“While driving in the city isn’t terrible, it’s incredibly challenging. As a boomtown, there’s always new construction happening everywhere, so if you’re driving around the downtown area, you can expect traffic disruptions, congestion, and road closures that could suddenly change your route and potentially get you lost,” the site reads. Anyone who’s been in Toronto would agree.

“The city is perhaps best explored on foot or by taking advantage of one of North America’s finest public transportation systems,” NextVacay said, which any downtown-goer could tell you immediately. Yet Toronto got a walkability score of 61/100, which apparently is not good.

“However, if you get lost in Toronto on your next trip, you may be glad to know that the city has an outstanding median mobile download speed of 94 Mbps,” the researchers said, implying that Google Maps or another directions app will be your best friend in a time of need.

“Approximately 3.9 million people search for directions in Toronto every month,” the study says.

Did they have anything good to say about the T-dot? “Canada’s largest city offers travellers the perfect mix of attractions, from galleries and museums to parks and music festivals. The city’s multicultural food scene alone makes Toronto one of the world’s most desirable destinations,” the study wrote.

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The world’s most confusing cities were determined based on “Google searches for directions, exact location, and Google Maps on each destination” as well as the median mobile download speed, walkability score, average taxi fares, and transportation options to discover where people get lost the most and how they get unlost,” according to NextVacay. The full methodology is on their site.

“While getting lost can certainly be nerve-racking, some might argue that these unexpected adventures are the ones that teach us the most about a destination—and result in some of the best travel stories,” NextVacay wrote. Do you believe that? If not, NextVacay has some tips so you can simply not get lost in the first place.

1. Always carry a map, an actual physical map.

2. Plan your route in advance.

3. Learn the lingo or key phrases (if language barriers may be present).

4. Memorize the address.

5. Be prepared for the worst.

That last one was ominous. Good luck out there.

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