Toronto General Hospital Is Struggling Bad Right Now Because They Are At Full Capacity With No Beds And Don’t Have Enough Doctors And Nurses

Toronto General is still experiencing staff shortage, with issues driven by the ongoing pandemic. 

With everyone assimilating back into pre-pandemic life and trying to navigate the two years that changed us, the healthcare system is still struggling. 

Three intensive care units (CVICU, CICU, MSICU) are at their total bed capacity and/or have limited human resources to safely keep all physical critical care beds open and in operation,” UHN spokesperson Rosa Kim told CP24. 

A report obtained by the news outlet showed that while there were 50 critical care beds physically available, the ability of the hospital to use these critical care beds for treatment was limited by the availability of nurses and doctors. 

Emergency and critical care workers in the province say that the situation is becoming desperate. 

Reporter: Danielle Eugenia

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