Entrepreneur Builds New Brand Through Consumer Votes

Toronto entrepreneur, Vinny Sehravat needs your vote for his new product.

Sehravat launched @buildabeardbrand an ecommerce beard oil brand with the help of his followers opinions.

The social media experiment started four weeks ago and it’s already creating a buzz.

His experience with ecommerce comes from his full time job at UPWRD Creative, which Sehravat owns.

The agency focuses on building ecommerce brands and small businesses.

“I thought, you know there’s a lot of ecommerce stores that can use free advice because people have really good ideas. If I can offer them something for free, that can help them scale, I’m happy,” said Sehravat.

Furthermore, Sehravat takes pride in the community that his brand has built since the launch of his new endeavour.

Observing his social media page he’s engaging with his followers by announcing milestones his account has reached and advice on social media marketing.

However, his focus is the audience and using their feedback on creating a product they would enjoy using. He also, gave his first 100 followers free beard oil for completing a survey regarding men’s beard grooming.

“I have an Excel sheet and I’m documenting what everyone’s suggesting. This brand is being built 100% by the community.”

Vinny Sehravat, Building A Beard Brand

Eureka! Thank You Quarantine

His passion for his business stemmed from running out of beard oil during the first lockdown.

Realizing most men including himself developed a beard over quarantine he wanted to create a product where men can upkeep their beards, feel fresh and still look good.

“I think beard maintenance is important. It’s about hygiene. If you’re wearing a beard you want it to smell good and maintained well.”

Vinny Sehravat, Building A Beard Brand

Additionally, Sehravat wants his consumers to know that the ingredients he’s using will be sourced locally.

Realizing the financial strain the pandemic has caused for local business, he wants to support local businesses more.

Social media has played a powerful and crucial tool during the pandemic. People have taken to social media and sharing their favourite local businesses to support because small businesses have been suffering.

The Future of Building A Beard Brand

Sehravat realizes being an entrepreneur isn’t easy especially during a pandemic.

However, one silver lining he’s gained during this experience is creating a community and making people feel they have an opinion towards a product they’re invested in.

He also, wants entrepreneurs to know that they don’t need a lot of money to start a business.

“I want to show people that it doesn’t take a lot to start a business. If you put your mind to it, you can make a good side hustle or main hustle if you want. Stay focused!”

Vinny Sehravat, Building A Beard Brand

Currently, the Build A Beard Brand is at the stage where viewers can now vote for the official brand name.

Once his product launches, he plans on giving his consumers a whole new online experience.

Even though we cannot share the fine details, just know your beard is going to look fresher than ever.

Follow @buildabeardbrand to follow Vinny’s journey & vote for the brand name.

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