This Toronto Company Wants To Provide A Safer Way To Transport Employees To Work Minus A Crowded Bus

After over a year of increasing Covid-19 cases and numerous lockdowns, only faint memories of life before the novel coronavirus remain. Contrary to the workforce shift of people working from home, one memory that has stayed the same for many essential workers and Toronto residents are dealing with overcrowding on the TTC.

As the provincial government works overtime to provide its citizens with vaccines, the time is near for employees to shift from working from home to re-entering the office environment, which also means adding to the already crowded public transit system. 

Many employees are raising concerns about what the return to the office will look like. Is riding transit safe? How will I be able to socially distance?

According to a survey conducted by the Toronto Star, 94 per cent of those who were dependent on public transit to commute to work prior to the pandemic, said they felt stressed and anxious about the safety of using public transit to return to their workplace.

As a result, nearly a quarter of Canadians say they will avoid transit, and implement biking, walking and carpooling as a means of transport to the office.

The key to lowering the transmission of the virus is to limit the touchpoints for an employee’s work journey to and from work, thus keeping the employee, staff, and their families safe.

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We’ve heard the term ‘bubble’ in relation to sports teams, however, a corporate bubble concept maximizes the privacy of users and reduces the spread of illness in the workplace by grouping employees together in their own private “bubble” throughout their commute and into their workday.

This is where Hop In Technologies and Achu Health™ come into play.

Hop In Technologies provides a turn-key solution that prioritizes a stress-free solution to the daily commute. They offer customized private shuttle solutions for companies to help get their employees to work safely and efficiently.

The news is often filled with COVID exposure alerts that initialized onboard public transit. If you are looking for the safest possible transport method to work, Hop In Technologies, which has been riding since September 2020, has seen ZERO recorded covid cases on a Hop In shuttle. 

Hop In’s safe shuttle service coupled with Achu Health’s digital health platform, provides 360 degrees of safety through a mobile app and digital dashboard, used to understand the health of a workforce without infringing on employee privacy. 

Achu Health™ has created a layer of transparency around symptom reporting and mental well-being through their digital platform, where they provide businesses with insights on the health and wellness of their workforce to promote safe workspaces. To date, Achu Health’s @Work platform has prevented TWO covid outbreaks at Ontario businesses. 

While the migration back to the office is inevitable, it is forward-thinking businesses such as Hop In Technologies and Achu Health™ that will mitigate the risks that the novel coronavirus is causing in our society.

Corne van Hoepen

Corné works is the Managing News Editor for the 6ixBuzz website. He enjoys travelling, creating content, and sharing stories from under-represented voices.
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