6 Of Canada’s Richest And Most-Wanted Drug Lords

You might be familiar with Pablo Escobar and El Chapo, but, over the years, some of the world’s most notorious drug kingpins have reigned up north as well...[Read More]

6 Brutal Serial Killers That Once Terrorized The Greater Toronto Area

Netflix’s highly popular true crime content has renewed the public’s interest in the darker side of humanity. However, very rarely are Canadian serial killers s...[Read More]

6 Of Canada’s Craziest Prison Escapes You Won’t Believe Actually Happened

Every now and then, an escaped felon or two will make headlines when they manage to scale the walls of one of Canada’s most secure prisons and make a run for it...[Read More]

6 Of Canada’s Most Notorious Mafia Families

For decades, Canada has been home to several prominent Italian-Canadian mafia families. Their origins stem from the mid-1900s, when the country was rapidly grow...[Read More]

6 Wildest Police Drug Busts Ever Documented In The History Of Ontario

Just over a month ago, Ontario Provincial Police seized more than $2 million in drugs, firearms, and cash in an investigation dubbed “Project Cheetah.R...[Read More]

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