This Toronto Production Label Just Dropped A Music Video Along With A Full Album That Stars Some Of The Hottest Artists In The 6ix Right Now

Nine of the most trending Toronto artists have come together for an eight-song album. They just dropped a new music video with the independent Toronto production team Hous3 Of Commons.

The music video for the song “Wizard in the kitchen” features Blockboi Twitch in a showcase of pain-filled lyricism and hard-hitting beats.

Twitch spoke with 6ixBuzz about what type of artist he represents and how the track came to fruition.

“I’m a versatile artist, so for the Hous3 Of Commons x LASA6NA project, I had to give ’em bars along with melodic flows. They knew which beats could bring that out and came prepared to record a banger,” the artist said.

It’s only the first single, though. The rest of the songs for the album LASA6NA, which reps Toronto rap and hip-hop, will be coming out on March 18.

This will include two radio singles as well: “Here For the Moment” featuring Nue and “Realer and Realer” featuring Portion.

“The song ‘Realer and Realer’ was recorded in under an hour… most of my songs take way longer to record but this one flowed easily,” Portion said.

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LASA6NA got its name based on how the tunes are layered onto one another.

It will feature other top Toronto artists like Duvy, LB Spiffy, Munna Cash, Nue, Hoodbaby Peppa & Rah Rah, JohnC 7210, Portion and Blockboi Twitch.

The songs will be streamable on all major music platforms.


Prisha Dev is a multi-media journalist from Toronto. She writes on all topics with beats in sports, news, music and lifestyle!! Check out more on her IG @prishadev.
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