This Tamil Owned Eatery Is Spicing Things Up With Their Fusion Rolls And Inspiring Other Businesses To Follow Their Dreams

A family-owned eatery in Toronto is bringing Tamil flavours to the forefront with their deliciously crunchy and seriously addictive rolls.

Aside from being a hotspot for the staple Tamil snack, Reggie’s Rolls is a prime example of how passion and hard work can truly pay off. 

The eatery is inspired by Reggie, a hard-working and passionate chef who opened Mississauga’s first Tamil restaurant in the 1980s.

Fast forward to today, Reggie’s Rolls is a fusion eatery that offers a variety of different flavoured rolls inspired by Toronto’s favourite dishes, snacks and desserts.

“Our OG G.O.A.T Roll and Butter Chicken Roll are our best sellers. Not only are they packed with protein but are very flavourful and aromatic. You can’t just eat one,” Jano Jayapalan, Business Development at Reggie’s Rolls told 6ixBuzz.

Jano and his brother James, the Operations Manager, own Reggie’s Rolls together along with Nancilyn Selvanayagam who is the Marketing Manager.

“Growing up my brother and I would always look forward to coming home from school and enjoying a fresh batch of Mutton Rolls,” he said.

“We couldn’t find anything that compared to [our mom’s] rolls in the GTA , which cued the beginning of Reggie’s Rolls.” 

Reggie came to Canada over 30 years ago, and today she inspires other BIPOC business owners to follow their dreams.

“It has always been a dream of hers to work in the culinary industry, although due to a language barrier it was difficult for her to do so,” Jano said.

Since then, the team at Reggie’s Rolls have come a long way and continued to push Tamil flavours and dishes to the forefront of the Toronto food scene, while also adding a variety of fusion-based flavours that bridge cultures and tastes together.

Some of their customer favourites include their Cheeseburger Rolls, Butter Chicken Rolls, and their Vegan Sri Lankan Rolls.

They offer delivery to Mississauga, Brampton and Toronto once a month, as well as Scarborough and Markham.

You can find Reggie’s Rolls at your local foodie events and farmers markets all year round, or visit their website for more information.

When asked what message they have for other BIPOC businesses, the team said “Be your true authentic self, be proud of your identity and share how that can influence your product and business.”

Reggie’s Rolls did exactly that, putting Tamil flavours on the culinary map, while simultaneously catering to Toronto’s unique taste pallette and inspiring the next generation of chefs to do the same.

Manisha Singh

Manisha is a freelance writer and journalist who is passionate about connecting audiences through reporting diverse stories.
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