This Is Why Wearing A Face Mask Makes You More Attractive Than Others, According To Researchers

Have you been wearing a face mask outside of your house for so long that people have forgotten what you look like?

Don’t sweat it — a new study reportedly found that anyone wearing a protective face mask is actually regarded as way more attractive.

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Researchers at Cardiff University found that men and women wearing a face-covering looked better with the lower half of their face hidden.

But that’s not all, apparently: it’s the disposable blue surgical masks that made people stand out, according to The Guardian.

Face expert Dr. Michael Lewis, who also works at Cardiff University’s school of psychology, shared that research prior to the pandemic concluded that medical face masks weren’t seen as appealing because it was linked to sickness.

“We wanted to test whether this had changed since face coverings became ubiquitous and understand whether the type of mask had any effect,” Lewis said.

“Our study suggests faces are considered most attractive when covered by medical face masks. This may be because we’re used to healthcare workers wearing blue masks and now we associate masks with caring people in medical professions. At a time when we feel vulnerable, we may find the wearing of medical masks reassuring and therefore feel more positive towards the wearer.”

What do you think? Are people who wear face masks more attractive than the rest?


Osobe is the Editor-in-chief at 6ixbuzz News leading both local and international coverage. She has written for VICE, The Canadian Press, Toronto Star, HuffPost and Aljazeera.
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