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The WNBA Final’s Viewership Had Over 1 Million People Watching And Attendance Grew So Much When Compared To Recent Years

Never say women can’t ball or no one watches women’s basketball because after this year’s WNBA finals, the WNBA has proven that women’s basketball is on the rise and people are looking their way.

One of the most contested series in WNBA history took place over the weekend against the Chicago Sky and Phoenix Mercury.

Two of the biggest WNBA stars Candace Parker and Diana Taurasi battled on the court with the Chicago Sky crowned as the 2021 WNBA Champions.

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Chicago pulled through with a 3-1 win against Phoenix with an 80-74 victory.

Parker returned to her hometown and was able to bring home their first ever WNBA championship to the franchise.

Looking into the crowds, you can see the inside of the Wintrust Arena packed for all the final games. The last time Phoenix and Chicago met in the 2014 Finals, television ratings had skyrocketed to over 91%.

Game two of the finals series had gained over one million views across television platforms. The seat gripping overtime game was the most viewed game since the WNBA finals in 2003.

Also, the capacity attendance for the game drew in 13,600 fans.

The WNBA’s 25th season brought in huge fan attendance with consecutive sellouts at 10,387 capacity, four times the league’s average attendance.

What’s more, the WNBA women’s jersey sales had gone up 50% over last year. Fans were upset they could not get their hands on Chicago Sky merchandise because all jerseys were sold out throughout the finals.

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