The TTC Is So Stressed They Won’t Have Enough Staff Once Their Vaccine Mandate Kicks In That They’re Now Asking Retired Staff To Come Back

The vaccine mandate for TTC workers is looming, and as the day inches closer, more concerns arise of a potential shortage of employees.

The TTC announced early in September that by October 30, all TTC employees must have received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The TTC has decided to prepare if any of its employees are unvaccinated by October 30, so it is now reaching out to retired staff members and potentially asking them to come back temporarily, according to Global News.

Stuart Green, the TTC spokesperson, said, “What we did over the weekend as we started reaching out to some recent retirees and pensioners to see if they would be interested in coming to work for us on a temporary basis.”

“We simply don’t know what our labour force situation will become October 30. We don’t know how long we might need them. Ideally, we don’t need them at all.” Green added.

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So far, it has been confirmed that 83% of TTC staff members have confirmed they will be vaccinated by the vaccine mandate deadlines. The majority of them are already fully vaccinated, according to Green.

Being vaccinated is now a condition of employment for TTC employees. However, the TTC has not confirmed the repercussions if employees choose to remain unvaccinated past the October 30 deadline and are yet to release their decision on that.

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