The Toronto Zoo Is Now Requiring All Visitors To Be Fully Vaccinated In Order To Help Protect A List Of Animals Who Are Susceptible To COVID-19

In case you’re planning to take your family or potential date to the Toronto Zoo, you should know that visitors are now required to be fully vaccinated against COVID.

The Toronto Zoo announced Wednesday that all guests ages 12 and older need to show proof of vaccination before entering the vicinity.

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“Our decision to implement this policy is based on many factors, including responsibility to ensure the safety and protection of our staff, our guests and our animals. As a science-based institution, we fully support the evidence that vaccination protects individuals from serious illness and COVID-19 spread,” Dr. Dolf DeJong, Toronto Zoo CEO said.

Dr. Dolf DeJong further explained that certain animals including tigers, monkeys, lions, orangutans and gorillas are susceptible to COVID-19 illness.

In their press release, the zoo went on to say a lot of their activities and amenities are located indoors. Since the weather is beginning to get colder, guests will revert to exploring inside the zoo.

The new policy will effectively roll out on October 25, 2021. All staff and volunteers needed to be fully vaccinated too.

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