The Mandatory Vaccine Mandate In Ontario Hospitals Has Not Really Affected The Rate Of Staff Loss Reports Show

Ontario went from thanking all healthcare workers during the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic to terminating them because of the same virus. Yikes.

Since the vaccine mandate came into effect, Ontario hospital staff, who are not fully vaccinated, have been terminated or placed on unpaid leave.

The good news is that almost 97% of Ontario hospital staff is either fully or partially vaccinated and have promised to become fully vaccinated by November 9th at the latest, according to CP24.

This means that the initial anxiety that Ontario could face a shortage in hospital staff has been put at bay. Patients no longer need to worry about receiving inadequate care at hospitals.

So far, Cambridge Memorial Hospital has placed 51 staff members on leave because of their vaccination status, and St. Mary’s General Hospital will place 30 staff members on leave by Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare in Windsor, Ont, terminated 24 staff members, but they only accounted for 2% of its workforce, so the shortage hasn’t significantly affected the hospital.

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Bill Marra, a spokesperson for Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare, said, “We developed contingency plans well in advance of the policy deadline, including the two-week unpaid suspension of employees who were not complying with the policy at that time. With a 98 percent compliance rate at the deadline, we are very much able to accommodate all gaps in our schedules by increasing work hours through our part-time workforce and, when necessary, overtime hours for some employees.”

Each hospital has set its own deadlines for staff members to become fully vaccinated, but most deadlines fall on either October 15 or 31.

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