Brampton Is Calling Out The Province And Wants Cheaper Car Insurance

Brampton city officials are calling for reforms to be made to the auto insurance rates in Ontario, and they wanted it yesterday!

Brampton has a bit of a reputation for having risky drivers and as such has the highest insurance rate in the province. This information comes from a report published by RATESDOTCA.

According to that report, the average Brampton resident pays 123% more for auto insurance than the average Ontarian.

This means that on average, residents of Brampton pay $2,698 per year for their car insurance. Some people even pay upwards of $3,301 per year.

To put that in perspective, the average Ontarian dishes out $1,616 a year in insurance for their vehicles.

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In response to this, the City has launched the #FairDealForBrampton campaign. There is a petition that people can sign calling for more regulation for Ontario auto insurance rates.

Residents are also noticing higher rates between postal codes. This comes after the introduction of Bill 42 to the Provincial Parliament in 2019. This bill was supposed to stop insurance companies from using postal codes as the primary factor in setting rates.

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