The Breakfast Club Leaves Toronto’s Staple Hip-Hop Station Flow 93.5

After a brief stint that began in the early summer, The Breakfast Club’s New York-based proverbial radio show has parted ways with Toronto’s Flow 93.5. Following the departure, this resurged radio personalities Blake Carter and Peter Kash back into the morning drive—where the city felt only they belonged.

A huge issue The Breakfast Club confronted while occupying time and space on the Toronto’s hip-hop stapled radio station was relevancy. With the simultaneously-timed killing of George Floyd, the club took a turn to more heavily focus on American politics than on pop culture and entertainment. 

A statement from Steve Parsons, general manager of FLOW’s parent company Stingray, quoted, “It didn’t match up with the culture of Toronto so we decided to make the change. Steve went on to reflect on a specific morning episode, where the club was “talking for 40 minutes about how to vote in Florida as an ex-felon.”

With the pandemic looming in the background, and having adverse effects on the performance of radio mediums, the decision was made in hopes to boost listenership and keep their fans happy.



Adrian Wallace

Adrian Wallace is an award-winning director, screenwriter and actor from Toronto, Ontario. From both producing work and making appearances in documentary storytelling, short films, web series, and recently his first feature, Adrian's work has been screened internationally in all formats. Currently, Adrian is developing his feature film directorial debut project, an original TV series, and operates as Editor-in-Chief for 6ixBuzz TV.
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