The Afghan Baby Who Was Kidnapped By A Taxi Driver Has Reunited With His Real Family After A Long Negotiation

The two-month-old toddler who went missing in August during the Kabul evacuation has finally been reunited with his grandparents. After seven weeks of back and forth between officials and a taxi driver who kidnapped the baby, claiming it to be his son, Sohail Ahmadi is finally safe.

Out of desperation, Ahmadi was thrown across a razor-sharp fence; many Afghans were trying to flee the country after the Taliban took over.

Since August 19, 2021, nobody, including the baby’s parents, knew where he was.

It took five whole months of frantic searching until the baby was found in Kabul at the home of a local taxi driver. The driver is Hamid Safi, 29 years old. He found the baby alone in distress at the airport where U.S officials had left him. Safi decided to raise the toddler as his own.

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Safi, a father of three girls, wanted to keep the baby as a way to fulfill his mother’s wish to have a grandson. When officials located his home, he refused to give up the baby. During the negotiation, Safi expressed being torn from emotional attachment and apparently tried to use the baby as leverage to also escape Afghanistan with his family.

Taliban police were informed about the situation and arrested Mr. Safi. He was then released on a written agreement which stated the baby will be given back to his grandparents. Additionally, Safi was compensated for taking care of the baby for five months and received 100,000 Afghani (around $1,200 CAD).

Ahmadi’s family video chatted the grandparents during the reunion to see their son after five chaotic months. Arrangements are now being made for the baby to come to Michigan, U.S, where he can finally be reunited with his family who have settled there since the evacuation.


Prisha Dev is a multi-media journalist from Toronto. She writes on all topics with beats in sports, news, music and lifestyle!! Check out more on her IG @prishadev.
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