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SNKRS App Causes Chaos during ‘University Blue’ Air Jordan 1’s Drop


(via Nike)

If you were a sneakerhead trying to cop the Air Jordan 1’s in ‘University Blue,’ you probably took an L.

The ‘University Blue’ colour way dropped on Saturday morning, and pays homage to NBA legend Michael Jordan who played for the North Carolina Tar Heels during his college years.

This colour is said to be the most sought out colour way for the Air Jordan 1’s, released this year.

However, for anyone purchasing sneakers all the major sites crashed at 10 am.

The SNKRS app is trash

Sneakerheads hoping to cop the Jordan 1’s on the SNKRS app, voiced their frustrations on social media this morning following a malfunction with the app that prevented buyers from being able to purchase the shoes.

The SNKRS app, developed by Nike was meant to give users early access and a “seamless” process of purchasing their favourite sneakers.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case since resellers are purchasing bots for thousands of dollars to cop all the shoes upon release, before other buyers even have a chance to checkout.

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On top of the issue regarding bots, reselling has also been a long time battle in the industry. Recently Ann Herbert, a Nike executive who spent 25 years with the company, stepped down because she was linked to her son’s resale business.

She was also the head of overseeing the SNKRS app, making the situation even more controversial.

Hebert’s 19-year old son, Joe Hebert who owns West Coast Streetwear would flaunt all of his latest purchases

During an interview with Bloomberg News, it was realized that Joe shared an AMEX card with his mother.

When questioned about the AMEX bill and why it was linked to his mother’s account, there was no comment from Joe and he “ghosted” the reporter.

There’s a consistent battle between sneakerheads and resellers, who continue to make it an ongoing battle to purchase shoes from retailers, for retail prices.

Unless you have a hook up at Footlocker, Champs or even Nike, buying sneakers in 2021 will forever be a struggle.

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