EXCLUSIVE: This Self-Taught Confectioner Makes Drool-Worthy Vegan Ice Cream That Kept Selling Out At Pop-Ups So She Opened Her Own Store

To keep cool under the last of the hot summer sun this weekend, there’s nothing better than a big scoop of rich and creamy ice cream.

Here in the 6ix, there are tons of great ice cream parlours to choose from that offer an array of dope and decadent flavours. 

However, it’s been difficult to find a shop that sells a tasty, dairy-free version of the creamy treat, that doesn’t sacrifice the taste or quality we’ve all come to love.

Thankfully, we are blessed to have Honey’s Ice Cream, a premium plant-based ice cream shop with a vegan twist right here in Toronto!

Honey’s Ice Cream is owned and operated by Ashley Wittig, a baker and entrepreneur who wanted to make super creamy, yet dairy-free ice cream that could stand up to the popular dairy offerings in the city. 

After teaching herself how to make plant-based ice cream and perfecting the formula with the right balance between texture and flavour, Wittig started off by selling her creamy treats at pop-ups across the city back in 2018.

Within minutes she would sell out of her ice cream, and it’s at that point she realized that a permanent location was needed for her booming business.

In December 2020, during the middle of the pandemic, Honey’s Ice Cream opened their first location at Dundas and Gladstone.

They currently offer scoops, pints, ice cream sandwiches, bars, and ice cream pies, with 12-15 flavours available every month. 

“I think our flavours are fun with a good mix between being classic and unique,” Wittig said in an interview with 6ixBuzz.

She recommends trying Peanut Butter & Saltine, Classic Strawberry, and their Hot Fudge Crunch pies.

More than being just an ice-cream aficionado, Wittig is community-driven and passionate about bringing people together.

Back in 2010, she founded the City’s first vegan and gluten-free bakery in Toronto called Bunner’s Bake Shop, and today, she continues to support multiple community-driven initiatives such as Community Fridges Toronto, The Encampment Support Network and multiple Indigenous led organizations.

Earlier this year on July 1, 100 per cent of Honey’s Ice Cream profits from scoop sales were donated to a local grassroots organization called Toronto Indigenous Harm Reduction, which supplies clothing, tents, food and much more, to individuals in encampments.

So next time you’re travelling down Dundas West, be sure to stop by Honey’s Ice Cream for a cool and cruelty-free, decadent dessert, and support your community while doing so.

“This is an ice cream business, but it’s really an offering of joy in a time when we need it most,” Wittig said.

Manisha Singh

Manisha is a freelance writer and journalist who is passionate about connecting audiences through reporting diverse stories.
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This Self-Taught Confectioner Makes Drool-Worthy Vegan Ice Cream That Kept Selling Out ... - Newz Trends
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