EXCLUSIVE: A Muslim Family Who Are The Previous Owners Of A Demetres In Oakville Are Asking People To Stop Sending Them Death Threats Online Following A Viral ‘Islamophobic’ Encounter On Tik Tok

On Monday, September 6th, Sham Idrees, a Muslim TikTok with 1.5 million followers, posted a video accusing Demetres, a popular dessert spot, of Islamophobia.

Since the video went live, it has reached 1.1 Million views. It has caused a rift in the local Muslim community over disputes regarding the accuracy of Idrees’ version of the story, resulting in a lot of hateful discourse.

One such family that has faced the brunt of hate is the family of Matiha Zaman.

Zaman’s family had owned the Demetres Oakville branch for 17 years up until 2020, after which it became a corporate store and is now run by Demetre’s franchisees, she told 6ixBuzz in an exclusive interview.

However, since the Tiktok went viral, Zaman’s family has received a lot of hate, including death threats and messages that use incredibly vulgar language over the phone and social media.

Some of the messages read, “you people are the reason why this world is so ugly” and “I HOPE YOU ALL DIE.”

Some of the messages Zaman has recieved:

Sent by Matiha Zaman
Sent by Matiha Zaman
Sent by Matiha Zaman
Sent by Matiha Zaman

According to Zaman, for many years, community members and people who went to high school with Zaman have known that her family owned the Demetres branch in Oakville, so when the video came out, many people jumped to spew hate at her and her family.

“Honestly, all I wanted from him is to tell his following and his fans that me and my family don’t own that location anymore because people are messaging me, my brother, and my dad and swearing at us and calling us racist,” Zaman said when asked about what she wants from Sham.

Zaman also pointed out the absurdity of people calling her and her family racist and Islamophobic since they are Muslims themselves. “My parents are immigrant Muslims. They came here and worked hard to build up these businesses.”

Zaman’s family also owns other businesses such as Topgun Burgers and Knockout Chicken which have also seen an impact from the hate her family is receiving.

For the years that Zaman’s family owned the Demetres location, it was open and welcoming to the Muslim community during Ramadan and has no history of mistreating Muslims.

“It’s surprising that they had to go through that, but again, it’s new management, so I don’t know,” she said.

Given the hate her family has received, Zaman even tried to personally message Sham Idrees and his wife via Instagram DM’s. She even posted the messages she sent them on her Instagram feed to get their attention and clear her family’s names but has not heard anything from them.

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