Ontario Reported Just Over 400 COVID-19 Cases Today For The First Time In Months And Daily Cases Keep Falling

Ontario is still on a downward trend when it comes to daily COVID-19 cases with each daily count being lower than the day before.

Today, Ontario reported just 429 new cases, down nearly 100 total cases from yesterday’s count of 511.

Out of these 429 new cases, 108 were from Toronto and 55 were from Peel Region.

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Overall these are pretty good numbers, especially when you realize that the overall positive rate of tests is also going down. With 25,441 tests completed over the past 24 hours, this gives us a positivity rate of 1.8%, down from last week’s 2.1%.

These numbers come as Ontario officially reached 81.5% of citizens over the age of 12 being fully vaccinated.

Unfortunately, Ontario did report 4 new COVID-19 related deaths today.

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