Ontario Is Rolling Out The New Vaccine Certificates That Can Be Scanned And Here’s How You Can Get Yours ASAP

If you’re sick of having to pull up a photo of your vaccine receipt and show proof of I.D like most people are, well don’t worry because showing your proof of vaccination is about to get a little easier.

The government of Ontario is rolling out what they call an enhanced vaccine certificate that has a scannable QR code so that you can be verified quicker.

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The new vaccine certificate will be available to everyone on Monday, however, depending on what month you were born in you can download it sooner.

Those born in January, February, March or April can download the new certificate today on the Ontario health website. People born in May, June, July or August can download their certificate starting at 6 a.m. on Saturday. On Sunday, those born from September to December will be able to download theirs at 6 a.m. too.

After the weekend on Monday, October 18th, the new certificates will be available to download for everyone.

Businesses will be able to scan the new vaccine certificate’s QR code through the Verify Ontario app. The app will only confirm if the person is vaccinated and will not transfer any other information.

Originally, the government was going to roll out these vaccine passports on October 22 but it looks like development on the app finished quicker than expected.

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