One Of The Most Popular Female Authors In Spain Revealed Her Identity For The First Time To Collect An Award Worth $1 Million Euros, But She Turned Out To Be Three Dudes

One of Spain’s most popular female authors, Carmen Mola, who has sold over 400,000 books, was revealed to actually be three men.

The truth finally came out during the Planeta Awards last Friday when three men took the stage to accept the award and 1 million Euros in prize money for Carmen Mola, admitting that the author did not exist.

Established television writers Agustín Martínez, Jorge Díaz and Antonio Mercero came clean in front of a stunned audience that included the King of Spain.

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 It was common knowledge in Spain that Mola was a pseudonym, her website described her as a university professor and mother of three, who valued her privacy. To add to the illusion, the website also included pictures of an unknown woman looking away from the camera.

Photo’s of “Carmen Mola” from carmenmola.es

Most of Mola’s novels feature a detective named Elan Blanco, who is described by the publisher as a “lover of grappa, karaoke, collectors’ cars and sex in SUVs.”  Looking back, that description does seem like something a guy would write.

But no one suspected anything. In 2020, one of Mola’s works was included in a selection of feminist readings by a branch of the Women’s Institute, alongside famous Canadian Margaret Atwood.

In an interview with a Spanish newspaper after the awards, the authors admitted that the idea of a professor and mother of three who writes violent novels has been “a good marketing operation.”

Not everyone is happy about the news though. Former director of the Women’s Institute in Spain, Beatriz Gimeno, called them out in a tweet saying that what they did goes beyond using a fake name and that they were scammers.

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