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On The Rise: Uriah5k And EC Link Up and ‘Take It Far’ With A Drill-Inspired Single

In only a year since committing to music, newcomers Uriah5k and EC have already made their presence felt. The two artists had always loved music and had a knack for rapping. Once they realized they could help push each other’s careers, they collaborated several times so far.

Their newest single, “Take It Far,” shows how much they’ve improved. The artists are investing in high quality music videos as well, showcased in the accompanying music video.

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Both Uriah5k and EC have proven their versatility over the last year, creating everything form hard hitting trap records to smoother melody-focused songs. Their most recent collaboration is an homage to the international drill-sound that has become popular over the last few years.

The song starts with an eerie vocal sample before the expected warping 808’s and drill drums come in. Both artists have distinctive voices and styles that still manage to match the energy of the song. They sound comfortable on the beat, which is a testament to the work they’ve been putting in.

The video, taken care of by MINTY PRODUCTIONS, features the artists and a select group of friends. The intensity of the song and video are complimented by edits of flames surrounding them as they rap along and vibe to the beat.

Check out the music video below or tap into Uriah5k’s socials to find out when the song is available on other platforms.

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