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On The Rise: Kitchener’s EC Drops New Music Video Presenting His Passion For ‘Writing Melodies’

Rising artist EC is originally from Kitchener, Ontario, but refers to Mississauga as his second home. He and his friends have always had a love for music, but in 2020 they began to take it serious.

They got into the studio as often as possible to prepare for new releases. In that time, they also began taking their visuals to the next level.

EC just dropped his brand new EP, I like Writing Melodies, at the end of 2021. He’s kicking off 2022 with a music video for the title track “Writing Melodies.”

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The music video cuts between shots of the artist in his hometown and clips from a popular anime series, Death Note. In the anime series, the protagonist owns a supernatural black notebook with the power to kill anyone whose name is written inside it. Not a coincidence, since EC kills instrumentals with the melodies that he writes.

The song begins with a moody piano sample, but quickly ramps up with the addition of quick-hitting, pounding drums. The unorthodox percussion throughout the beat keeps the song moving and holds your ears captive.

Even though it’s early in his career, EC shows off his ability to find space in the toughest beats. Throughout the song, he raps about his high expectations and clear desire to focus on writing music.

The song’s music video is taken care of by MINTY PRODUCTIONS. It features candid solo shots of the artist around his neighbourhood. The relationship between the lyrics and the anime clips is tied in through props and well-timed edits.

Check out the music video below or stream the artist’s new project on your favourite platform.

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