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On The Rise: ITSPARKDALE Raps With A Chip On His Shoulder While Representing For His Neighbourhood And Tibetan Heritage On New Single And Music Video For ‘Mission’

Although ITSPARKDALE is just now introducing himself to the city’s rap game, he is already receiving a lot of love. The artist grew up in the downtown neighbourhood of Parkdale, which he shared has one of the largest Tibetan populations outside of Asia.

Police gave him and his friends a lot of trouble growing up and he did eventually get caught up. However, after he came home and got put on house arrest, he began taking his life and music more seriously.

He grew up rapping for fun with his friends, but it was only after he came home that he decided to invest in himself and buy real studio equipment. Now, he is using music to positively influence his people. He wants to show other Tibetan kids in his community that they can chase their dreams too.

His new single and music video for “Mission” is out now and is a teaser for what’s to come.

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ITSPARKDALE grew up feeling like an underdog because not everyone understood his culture. Today, he raps with the same chip on his shoulder that he had when he was younger. As the song’s title states, “Mission” has a very determined energy to it. It’s hard, aggressive, and a showcase of the artist’s rapping ability.

The song features now-classic production, which includes a clean and simple piano loop as well as running up-beat drums. Elements come in and out throughout the song to keep things fresh, but ITSPARKDALE keeps the attention on himself with his impressive flows.

The artist’s high energy is matched perfectly in the music video that was directed by Sonny Visual. There are frequent cuts and edits that flip between different party scenes of ITSPARKDALE and his friends, as well as their jewelry and cars. The vibe is trully undeniable.

Check out the music video below and let us know what you think!

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