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On The Rise: After Legal Trouble, Scarborough’s Ease Is Back To Showing Off His Musical Range In New Song And Video For ‘Gospel’

Scarborough’s rising artist, Ease, first began releasing music in 2020, but had to take a short break to deal with some legal troubles. His first few singles were extremely well received, as his charisma, beat selection, and diversity were on display.

His early releases include underground hits like Scarborough Town, Pt. 1 and Pt. 2.

The artist took to social media towards the end of 2021 to announce he was back and ready to follow up his early success. He’s starting 2022 on a high note with a return single and music video titled “Gospel.”

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The “Gospel” instrumental continues to show off the versatility Ease has. The song begins with a light-hearted sample before church organs slide in and lead into bright drum patterns.

The brightness of the production is contrasted by the intensity of the artist’s lyrics and stories. Still, he’s able to keep his flow upbeat and fun — truly creating a “crossover” type of record.

The music video features shots of the artist and his crew as they celebrate in lavishly decorated spaces. First, a house party at night. Then, a daylit walkway filled with colours. The video was directed by Chris Prince and features incredible editing.

Check out the music video below and keep an eye on the artist’s socials to see when the song will be available on more platforms.

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