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Hear the Dead — UK Record Company Turning Ashes Into Playable Vinyl Records

A U.K. record company called And Vinlyly takes the cremated remains of your loved ones and press them into a vinyl record with your chosen track.

Here’s a Sneak Peek at What Newly-Renovated Bloor-Yonge Station Could Look Like

Courtesy: ©Corne van Hoepen If you’ve ever been caught in Bloor-Yonge station in Toronto during rush hour, you know it’s about high-time for an expansion. Over 200,000 people make their way through this station...[Read More]

A Guide for Dating during COVID-19

Quarantine has stripped many of belongingness, sex and interaction; all of which exist in Maslows 7 basic needs. Though distancing measures hinder bonds from thriving, dating through COVID-19 is still possible. O...[Read More]

Kyle Lowry Teaches us How to Live on and Love Forever

Kyle Lowry hardly needs an introduction. The six-time NBA all-star was a crucial asset for the Raptor’s 2019 championship win. Dubbed an “unexplainable basketball genius” by ESPN, his intellect of sp...[Read More]

#TheSideEffectsOfGettingOld – Toronto Throwback Edition

Over the past 20 years, Toronto has experienced rapid-fire evolution as it’s grown into a world-class city. Landmarks have come and gone for the better-or-worse, and we’ve established ourselves as a universal e...[Read More]