Netflix Edited The Phone Number In ‘Squid Game’ After A Korean Woman With The Exact Same Digits Got Thousands Of Calls A Day

‘Squid Game’ is easily the biggest show on Netflix and fans can’t get enough of it. While this is great for Netflix and the people that enjoy the series, there is at least one person who probably isn’t the biggest fan.

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One South Korean woman started to receive thousands of phone calls a day after the show dropped, simply because it turns out that the show accidentally used her phone number on the back of its iconic card.

The woman, Kim Gil-Young, has had that number for over 16 years, she said in an interview with CNN.

Getting thousands of calls and texts a day from random people is obviously very disruptive to Kim’s daily life. It’s gotten to the point where she needs to take medicine to calm her nerves after a doctor diagnosed her with acute stress disorder.

Kim says some of the calls are people asking about the show, with some people even asking to join the game. Kim says that she also receives a lot of hate for no reason from the people calling, who sometimes insult her.

Due to this stress, Netflix confirmed to CNN that it has edited scenes that include the number.

Kim also came into contact with a representative from the show, who apparently offered her 1 million won ($840) to help her pay for a new phone.

However, Kim declined the offer because the phone number is used for her dessert shop business and can’t be easily changed.

“They said they are sorry but honestly, I’m not sure if they are genuinely sorry. I wonder if they would have reacted the same if I weren’t an individual but a major company,” said Kim.

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