NASA Says A Big Asteroid Will Pass By Our Planet Next Week And It Will Come The Closest It Ever Has In Almost 90 Years

Are you team Don’t Look Up or team Look Up? Just asking because a massive asteroid will pass by Earth as early as next week.

That’s right, an asteroid twice the size of the Empire State Building is heading our way and it’s “potentially hazardous” according to NASA.

Scientists say that on Tuesday, January 18, the big rock will pass our planet but won’t touch us. Still, they say the asteroid will come the closest it ever has since 1933, which was 89 years ago.

More than one million asteroids have been identified to this day and it is apparently not uncommon for many to pass by Earth, according to

This week alone, approximately five asteroids flew past the planet. One of which was equivalent to the size of a bus and three others the size of a house.

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According to CBS News, there are around 25,000 asteroids near us that are about 500-feet wide. It could be extremely dangerous if any one of them hit Earth.

“We’re actually not talking, like, global extinction event, but regional devastation on the area that could wipe out a city or even a small state,” Nancy Chabot, a chief planetary scientist at Johns Hopkins University said.

“And so it is a real concern. It is a real threat.”

In October of last year, we reported that NASA was putting together precautionary measures to try and stop the impact of an asteroid that could prove life-threatening. They decided they would work to launch a rocket so it could crash into the massive rock.



Osobe is the Editor-in-chief at 6ixbuzz News leading both local and international coverage. She has written for VICE, The Canadian Press, Toronto Star, HuffPost and Aljazeera.
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