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MuchMusic Is Making A Major Comeback And They Have Tik Tok To Thank

MuchMusic Is Making A Major Comeback And They Have Tik Tok To Thank

Via: Hello I’m Nik On Unsplash

MuchMusic is coming back but instead of being on our TVs like it was back in the day, it’ll be on our phones.

That’s right, MuchMusic, which is owned by Bell Media, is coming back on July 7 exclusively on TikTok.

The announcement was made on June 10 on the official MuchMusic Twitter account, which tweeted for the first time this year.

MuchMusic also put out a statement by its owners, Bell Media. The statement details what the rebooted MuchMusic would be like.

“As the platform for discovering groundbreaking music content and rediscovering old favourites, TikTok is a natural partner for the all-new MuchMusic,” it read.

“With hosts and creators that speak directly to Gen Z and younger Millennials, the all-new multiplatform MuchMusic stays true to its spirit as a seminal brand with an authentic voice,” Stewart Johnston, Senior Vice-President and Sales & Sports at Bell Media, said.

Coming back with MuchMusic will be some of its most popular shows from back in the day. This includes shows like Video On Trial, Intimate And Interactive and MuchMusic Spotlight.

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