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McDonald’s Is Under Investigation By The Federal Trade Commission Because Their Ice Cream Machines Are Literally Never Working

Anyone who’s ever craved for a McFlurry knows the struggle is real trying to fulfill your sweet tooth. Why? Because the machines are always broken.

It got so bad that the faulty machines caught the attention from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) who’s reportedly investigating the matter.

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According to reports, The FTC had contacted the McDonald’s franchise wanting more information about their ice cream machines that make soft-serve cones, milkshakes and everyone’s favourite: The McFlurry.

Normally the machines are cleaned at night and sometimes the cleaning process can cause a malfunction.

The only way to fix the machines are to wait for a technician to fix them, which happens during business hours.

Some McDonald’s stores are paying their employees to learn how to fix their machines instead of waiting on a technician.

Roughly 60% of McDonald’s dessert sales in the U.S. are from their ice cream consumption. So we aren’t the only ones missing out due to this malfunction.

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