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‘Kim’s Convenience’ Cast Called Out The Lack Of Diversity Behind The Camera, Little Pay And Racist Jokes

‘Kim’s Convenience’ Cast Called Out The Lack Of Diversity Behind The Camera, Little Pay And Racist Jokes

The beloved Canadian TV series Kim’s Convenience was recently abruptly cancelled without much warning. It’s not like the show’s ratings were bad or the cast wasn’t planning on returning, the show’s producers just decided not to continue it.

Since the cancellation announcement, members of the cast have been speaking out about their disappointment with the show’s premature ending and how they were treated near the end of the show.

Simu Liu, who played Jung on the show, has been the most outspoken about his disappointment.

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Liu made a massive post on Facebook detailing his many grievances with the producers of the show. Liu talks about the lack of Asian and female representation in the writers’ room for a show primarily about Asian women.

Liu also talks about how he is resentful that the one white character in a show focused on Asian representation is the one getting a spin-off series too.

Liu says that “not that they would ever ask, but I will adamantly refuse to reprise my role in any capacity.” Simu clarifies that he holds no ill will towards Shannon’s actress Nicole Power and wishes her well.

Liu also talked about how the actors received terrible pay for how well the show was doing. He says that since they started off as no name actors they were paid less but as the show became more popular, their pay stayed the same. Liu pointed out the Kim’s Convenience was doing much better in the ratings than Schitt’s Creek but the actors on that show were getting paid much more.

Liu ended off his post by saying that the on set crew was all amazing and that he’s sad that the characters on the show won’t get a proper ending.

Liu might be the biggest name from the crew speaking out but he isn’t the only one. Jean Yoon, who played Umma on the show, made a Twitter thread that spoke on how she felt about the show near its end

Yoon says that she had to fight to get a scene with implied nudity of her cut from the show. That episode would have aired hours after the Atlanta shooting that targeted Asian women.

She also talked about how she felt disrespected by the writers team that she also said was mainly comprised of white men. She also called out Kevin White, Kim’s Convenience’s showrunner, for making offensive jokes and coming up with overtly racist storylines.

“The storylines were so extremely culturally inaccurate that the cast came together and expressed concerns collectively,” Yoon said.

It seems that this show that was the first to shine a light on the Asian Canadian experience is gone for good despite seemingly everything going its way ratings-wise.

The bodega where the exterior of the Kim family convenience store was shot for the show even went up for sale, for just $200,000.

The final season of Kim’s Convenience is currently on CBC Gem in Canada but it is also on American Netflix. However, the previous four seasons are all available right now on Canadian Netflix.

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