Jake Paul Is Now Set To Fight Tyron Woodley Again After His Previous Opponent Pulled Out Of The Match For Health Reasons

Jake Paul was set to finally fight Tommy Fury, brother of current heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury, next weekend on December 18 after literal years worth of trash talk between the two.

Now, Jake Paul will be fighting against the same man he fought last time, Tyron Woodley, in an impromptu rematch.

While the younger Paul brother is still going to fight that night, it won’t be against Fury, because of an undisclosed “medical condition” which prohibits him from competing.

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Woodley and Paul fought just a few months ago at the end of August. Jake Paul won that match via split decision after a fairly underwhelming fight. As part of a deal made in order to get a rematch, Tyron Woodley got an “I Love Jake Paul” tattoo on his middle finger one month after their first fight.

Who do you think is going to win this time around?

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