Jake Paul Is Finally Set To Fight Tommy Fury After Trash-Talking Eachother For So Long And It’s Going To Happen Before The Year Is Up

After what feels like years of trash talk between the two, Jake Paul and Tommy Fury are finally going to get to settle their differences in the ring and it’s happening before 2022 comes around.

Reports say that a match has finally been agreed upon by both their management and will be set for December 18.

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Both men last fought on August 29 at Showtime Boxing’s pay-per-view. At that event, Jake Paul beat Tyron Woodley by decision and Tommy Fury beat his opponent, Anthony Taylor, also by decision.

Fans have been wanting to see this match for a while, mainly because this will be the first time that Jake Paul has faced someone who is an actual boxer.

Despite Tommy Fury first becoming well known for his time on the British reality TV show ‘Love Island‘ he is a legitimate boxer with a 9-0 record on top of being the younger brother of current heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury.

Both men are still actually undefeated, with Jake Paul’s current record being 4-0.

This means both men will put their undefeated records on the line this winter.

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