HUUPE Is The First High-Tech Basketball Net – You Can Track Your Performance, Stream Anything You Want, And Get Training

HUUPE is the world’s first smart basketball net. It uses a high-definition backboard that is fully weatherproof and gives users full control through their smartphones on the HUUPE app.  

Based in Los Angeles and founded by two friends, Paul Anton and Lyth Saeed, HUUPE is cool as hell.

Price and availability:

The smart net is surprisingly versatile, with the ability to be installed outdoors or indoors. Customers have a choice to mount the net to the ground or to the wall. 

The price of one HUUPE net is $3,995.00 USD, which includes installation. Sure, it’s about three times the price of a standard, glass-backboard basketball net. But for those who love the sport, the advantages of the smart features are undeniable.  

The HUUPE is currently only available to U.S. residents but their website says it “won’t be long” before they expand to other countries. Canada will certainly be among the first countries HUUPE considers expanding to. They are currently offering pre-orders to gauge interest. 

For those concerned about HUUPE’s durability, particularly as shots clank off the screen, well, HUUPE seems confident that won’t be a problem. 

Training – live, on-demand, and one-on-one:

Like many smart exercise systems, HUUPE comes programmed with thousands of training sessions to choose from. 

You can join a live session underway, pick one for later, or schedule one-on-one time with a qualified trainer. HUUPE’s requirements to become a trainer are diligent. 

Trainers at HUUPE must be qualified with at least two years of collegiate or professional basketball playing experience, plus a minimum of four years of coaching experience and four years of teaching experience. Wow.

Tracking your activity:

Perhaps the most exciting feature for players trying to improve their game is that the HUUPE net tracks your performance, stats, and scores in real-time. 

According to HUUPE, the smart net can track shooting percentages, swishes, shot trajectory, position on the court, release time of your shots, vertical jump, agility and more.  

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Anything you can watch on your phone, you can watch on the HUUPE’s backboard screen as you shoot hoops. 

Playing basketball while watching basketball, sounds like a hoop-heads dream. 

And for those who can’t stop binging their favourite Netflix shows, HUUPE is a fair way to sneak in some exercise along in your day. 

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