High School Principal Who Wore A Student’s Dreadlocks As A Wig Receives Backlash

Students at a London, Ontario High school are calling for the termination of their principal, after he created a wig from a students dreadlocks that he wore on multiple occasions.

In Spring 2019, students at École secondaire catholique Monseigneur-Bruyère held a fundraiser for an individual with cancer. Students shaved their hair for the cause, including a young male black student who shaved off his dreadlocks. According to reports shared by the Instagram account Black Lives Matter London, Principal Luc Chartrand collected the young man’s dreadlocks, taped them together and wore it as a ‘wig’ while parading around the school.

Although Chartrand was reportedly asked by students to remove the ‘wig’ he did not comply. Student’s described the event as ‘traumatizing.’

As if it weren’t bad enough, Chartrand is also accused of wearing the wig again during Halloween, while also wearing a baseball jersey, in an attempt to dress like the student who’s hair he was wearing.

A fellow teacher at the high school, Conlan Fortin has also been called out by students for wearing the ‘wig.’

Many are calling on the school board to address the situation and fire both Principal and teacher who participated in the problematic behaviour.

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1 year ago

Also the teacher apologized in the comments of the post

1 year ago

Conlan Fortin is innocent and already apologized

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