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Hidden Gems: Rexdale’s Cholocash Takes A Quick Visit To Cali For ‘GLEEFULLY’ Music Video

Cholocash is a young and upcoming artist who has been patiently waiting to take over the Toronto music scene. He has been in love with music since he was 11-years-old listening to Michael Jackson, but his big break finally came in 2021.

Since the beginning of the year, Cholocash has already released over 10 songs. Several of them have received hundreds of thousands of streams, while others have achieved several thousands of views. He is diverse in his music, and his rollouts – consistently trying new things.

This is a luxury that only someone who works as hard as him can have.

With his newest song “GLEEFULLY“, he once again tried something new and fans happen to love it. The song shows off diversity in his beat selection, as well as his vocal delivery.

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GLEEFULLY” is introduced with a vintage-sounding soul sample. Before the modern trap drums can even come in, Cholocash introduces a variety of flows. He flips between traditional vocals and whispery raps. He also shows off his melodic side and jumps right into singing parts. All of it feels like he’s enjoying himself.

The music video is shot in different parts of California. The director, OG PRODUCTIONS, is able to match the light energy of the song through his shots and edits. Cholocash is shown having fun, dancing around and enjoying the day. Based on what fans know, this is probably what he would have been doing even if there wasn’t a camera recording him.

You can check out the new music video below or wait for it to drop on streaming platforms! While you’re waiting though, there are several other singles for you to check out.

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