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Hidden Gems: Primo Green Reminds His Fans What He’s All About On New Single And Video For ‘Just In Case You Forgot’

Primo Green is a Toronto-based artist that has been singing since he was 5-years-old. Although he was born in Montreal before moving to North Carolina with his family, they eventually settled down in Toronto.

Growing up, the artist was surrounded by different cultures and music. He grew up in a Rastafarian household where his family was super close.

They used to listen to artists like Bob Marley, Beres Hammond and The Fugees just as much as they listened to Jay Z, Biggie, Nas, and DMX.

Primo was originally a part of a music group that he started with his siblings, but now he is a solo artist with a clear goal; to inspire the generation after him, to be positive influences and make the best out of any situation.

After taking a break from music to refocus his mind, he returns to give fans the afrobeat-inspired single “Just In Case You Forgot“.

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The new single definitely offers a modern take on afrobeat music. The single features extra layers and instruments that make it a little more accessible and it is an incredibly catchy tune that is easy to appreciate regardless of where you’re from and what you listen to.

The music video for the new single was taken care of by Seth G. Together, the team created a cinematic piece that adds to the vibe of the song but also stands alone as a project. The video starts with a shot of the artist being driven in a large white limousine before he digs up a backpack in the woods. We don’t get a conclusion to the storyline in this video (yet), but we do get great music.

Check out Primo Green’s “Just In Case You Forgot” below or on your favourite platform.

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