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Hidden Gems: Portion Compares The Past To The Present On His New Song And Video For ‘Hella Clean’ Ahead Of His Major-Label Debut Album

Scarborough-raised artist Portion has been on a roll lately. He has released several bangers and music videos since announcing his deal with Warner Music.

After showing off what he could do independently, Portion took his talent and drive into major label meetings. The success and love that he has received since moving to music is inspiring to everybody, including himself.

He just released a new music video to his brand new single titled “HELLA CLEAN“, which is an emotional track that shows off Portion’s artistic strengths. Along with announcing and releasing the music video, he has subtly announced that he would be releasing his major-label debut project I Am Nothing Without on November 5th of this year.

The new single was recorded in Atlanta shortly after he signed his deal, which allowed him to be both reflective and thankful.

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On “HELLA CLEAN”, Portion is very matter-of-fact about where he came from and what it took to get him here. Although he has offered upbeat and triumphant bangers in the past, this song is far more emotive in nature. He sings over a moody piano sample that is kept running by catchy trap drums.

Portion recalls recording the new song just after signing his label deal, and on it, he compares and contrasts the lifestyle of the streets with the life he leads now. His expression in the new music is authentic, jarring and captivating all at the same time.

Accompanying the new single is a music video that was taken care of by 88everything, a Toronto/Los Angeles-based production company. The video is as “clean” and moody as the song is, with simple shots of Portion pictured sitting on top of a local police cruiser, before flipping scenes to him counting money and driving in a yellow Lamborghini.

Check out the music video below or stream the song on your favourite platforms. Be sure to be on the lookout for the I Am Nothing Without EP this fall.

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