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Hidden Gems: OVO-Signee Smiley Announces New Album And Teams Up With WorldStarHipHop To Release Visuals For Brand New Single ‘Breakdown’

OVO recently announced that they officially signed the underground Toronto artist Smiley. Since the news, he has released the extremely popular single “Over The Top,” featuring Drake.

He also announced that he has a lot of new music coming soon.

Smiley first got the attention of Drake and OVO through some of his earliest music. Drake was quick to shout out the artist’s now-classic, Buy. or. Bye project before taking him under his wing.

Now that it has been a few years, Smiley has shared that he is ready to release the project’s sequel. First, he announced that the project would come out on November, 12th. Later, he shared a new single titled “Breakdown,” which features a music video that was released on WorldStarHipHop’s YouTube channel.

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On the new single Smiley shares everything that OVO and his fans saw in him early on. His rapping ability is extremely impressive, and he’s more confident than ever.

The song features a menacing beat with a heavily distorted bass. It also has a dark energy that is Smiley matches with his grimey flow. He uses the song to speak on many of his luxuries. In his verses, he recounts experiences that feel very new to him, like living in and enjoying his success in LA.

The video was directed by Jonass Picasso and takes place in a beautiful setting where scenes flip between solo shots of Smiley, as well as shots with him and a friend, before sultry shots of Smiley surrounded by women. The lighting switches back and forth from dark to light scenes but throughout all of it, Smiley is vibing and rocking along to his lyrics.

Check out the video to “Breakdown” below or stream the song on your favourite platform.

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