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Hidden Gems: Mississauga Rapper 905 TY Dropped A Late-Night Drive Track Along With Visuals For ‘Supercharged’

905 Ty is known for his melodic autotuned hits, and he just delivered another one to his fans.

The Mississauga Rapper has had a great year so far. His single “Blues” currently has over 100,000 views on Youtube and he also linked up with Toronto-based producer Unimerce for “Pack It Up.”

Throughout 2021, he has pumped out singles, features and even music videos, and gained more support with each release. 

For his latest release, 905 Ty dropped “Supercharged” which was assisted with a music video.

The song features hard-hitting production and an energetic flow. Ty seems to flow effortlessly on the beat while touching multiple flows and harmonizing. The song has a dark but fun tone to it which would make the perfect soundtrack for a late-night drive on an empty highway.

The video is directed by JULEZLEO who gives us a trippy introduction followed by the roaring engine of a Charger. The song is named after a Dodge Charger car which makes multiple appearances throughout the video. The visuals feature multiple scenes of 905 Ty and his crew turning up.

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You can check out the video below or on your favourite streaming platform. Let us know what you think.

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