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Hidden Gems: mightbeleo And J Neat Might Have An Instant Hit On Their Hands With The ‘Wipe Me Down’ Single And Music Video

mightbeleo has been putting out music for a few years now, however, he has slowly been improving the quality of his production. Although it’s tough to tell based on his official releases, he’s an experienced artist and his music is a testament.

Talented at singing, rapping, production, and music engineering, mightbeleo is as diverse as he is skilled. A majority of his music tends to lean toward the melodic side but he’s more than capable as a lyricist as well.

His newest single features popular artist J Neat, who has been on a tear recently. Together, the two shine on the brand new release “Wipe Me Down“, which features undeniable flows and catchy production, as well as a dope music video.

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“Wipe Me Down” feels like an instant hit, with heavy production coming in almost immediately after the song starts. mightbeleo wastes very little time and jumps in right away to sings the hook. He then effortlessly slides into the first verse.

Throughout the song, mightbeleo plays with his voice and flows, but he makes sure all his experimentation is still catchy. He sings with a level of confidence that many fans are finding enjoyable.

His supporters are also extremely receptive to J Neat’s verse as well. He comes in for the second verse and provides his distinctive sound and vibe and also matches the swag that can be felt throughout.

Accompanying the single release is a music video directed, shot, and edited by Toronto’s Marcus Letts. The video is as smooth and fun as the song itself. All the backdrops and transitions are great and just add to the overall vibe of the track.

Check out the brand new music video to “Wipe Me Down” below or check out the single on your favourite streaming platform.

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